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ya i'm a ninja i love naruto i could pown u in a halo 3 battle and i love ramen.

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what do u think of sasuke

Posted by FallenPhoenix7 - April 2nd, 2008

what do u think of sasuke

strong fast smart and has sharingan......... will he die or live post what u think about him and the naruto show..............

P.S. cheak back each Wednesday for a new pic. and i will teach u 2 jutsu's

Fire Element; Fire Dragon Missile: Tiger (Comes after Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile) Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile: Sheep, Horse, Dragon

what do u think of sasuke

Comments (9)

I don't like Naruto.

naruto rocks

I don't like the show so much, but I guess he's an OK character.

he could pown any one

sasuke is strong and all that shit but rock lee can beat him before he trains with orochimaru, after that sasuke will own him but still early sasuke is a little fag. I want 2 watch naruto but they keep pulling the episodes off youtube and my comps arent fast at all. AND DONT SAY READ MANGA I HATE MANGA, anyways ive seen naruto 131 i think and then i stopped and now i cant watch because it takes to long to load

no not after the chunin exames he could have pownd Rock Lee
plus he could easly pown him now with sharingan level 3

saskue will kill orichimaru

ya i no

your all f*cking faggots, except fallenphoenix7. so just shut up.

thax yugyug04

no problem

sasuke is a pussy, jairiya is my kind of ninja, and naruto is a good show i watch it

I don't know what I think of Sasuke... but I know you have one of the coolest user names I've ever heard.


dude thax like ur's 2

honestly Sasuke is a candy ass bitch. Yay he is cool and everyting but in reality his is a emo little bitch that can't get over it. I mean fucking Naruto got over the fact that every one hated him for being a carrier. Why can't Sasuke be like that? Spoiler: Sasuke kills Itachi, Danzo becomes hokage, and Sakura goes out to kill Saskue