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what do u think of sasuke

2008-04-02 22:52:01 by FallenPhoenix7

what do u think of sasuke

strong fast smart and has sharingan......... will he die or live post what u think about him and the naruto show..............

P.S. cheak back each Wednesday for a new pic. and i will teach u 2 jutsu's

Fire Element; Fire Dragon Missile: Tiger (Comes after Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile) Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile: Sheep, Horse, Dragon

what do u think of sasuke


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2008-04-02 23:08:21

I don't like Naruto.

FallenPhoenix7 responds:

naruto rocks


2008-04-02 23:16:52

I don't like the show so much, but I guess he's an OK character.

FallenPhoenix7 responds:

he could pown any one


2008-04-03 03:16:00

sasuke is strong and all that shit but rock lee can beat him before he trains with orochimaru, after that sasuke will own him but still early sasuke is a little fag. I want 2 watch naruto but they keep pulling the episodes off youtube and my comps arent fast at all. AND DONT SAY READ MANGA I HATE MANGA, anyways ive seen naruto 131 i think and then i stopped and now i cant watch because it takes to long to load

FallenPhoenix7 responds:

no not after the chunin exames he could have pownd Rock Lee
plus he could easly pown him now with sharingan level 3


2008-04-03 16:30:18

saskue will kill orichimaru

FallenPhoenix7 responds:

ya i no


2008-04-03 20:47:52

your all f*cking faggots, except fallenphoenix7. so just shut up.

FallenPhoenix7 responds:

thax yugyug04


2008-04-04 07:50:53

no problem


2008-04-05 12:45:12

sasuke is a pussy, jairiya is my kind of ninja, and naruto is a good show i watch it


2008-04-07 21:41:04

I don't know what I think of Sasuke... but I know you have one of the coolest user names I've ever heard.


FallenPhoenix7 responds:

dude thax like ur's 2


2010-01-02 14:02:10

honestly Sasuke is a candy ass bitch. Yay he is cool and everyting but in reality his is a emo little bitch that can't get over it. I mean fucking Naruto got over the fact that every one hated him for being a carrier. Why can't Sasuke be like that? Spoiler: Sasuke kills Itachi, Danzo becomes hokage, and Sakura goes out to kill Saskue